Maintenance and Insulation

Maintenance and Insulation

Maintenance and Insulation works

Modernization the old is abbreviation for the meaning of maintenance and modernization has several ideas and great fantasies do not necessarily have maintenance for the incompetency, but the meaning is greater than that.

The external and internal inspection of the old house to be modern and upscale with the lowest cost of saving the effort and money. And the addition of modernization for the modern thing such as decorations, gypsum works and false ceilings


Chemical Insulation Works

The company adopts a system of Insulation using chemicals in all buildings works carried out in order to ensure the sustainability of buildings from damage both during the implementation or after the implementation of the work such as :

*Epoxy paint for floors

*Treatment of honeycome in concrete

*Septic tank paints

*Insulation layers for surfaces and expansion joints

*Works of Hadner and softening of concrete

*Protective paints for concrete and roads

*Implementation of artificial grass for playgrounds and gardens

*Additive materials for concrete

*Additives for  cement mortar

*Materials for repair and injection of concrete

*Water Insulation

*Sound and heat insulators

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