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Introduction to the company

 The Yemeni Company for Engineering and General Contracting started its activities in the field of engineering and general contracting in Yemen from the city of Sana'a by commercial name of Dar Al-Khebra to proceed in the way prescribed by the small civil works and then expanded until it reached outside Yemen. The city of Hargeisa, capital of the Republic of Somaliland

The Yemeni company is one of the most important companies involved in building infrastructure of the Republic of Somaliland and thanks to God and the leadership of the company and technical and professional staff who gave most of their time to make the company a success and work hard to be one of the leading companies in the field of real estate

What distinguishes the Yemeni Company for Engineering and General Contracting is to provide free studies and drawings in addition to the stone works, glass facades, etc., integrating them in the service of the client, it provides the customer with an integrated service including the sectors that all work to support the main work.

Since its inception, the company has been keen to focus on the principles and standards of security, safety and environmental sustainability to be one of the most important priorities and in its various activities and transactions with its customers from the beginning of the project to its end providing a safe working environment without compromising safety regulations and procedures. Through the integration of the security and safety program in the development of the project implementation plan.

The supply sector is one of the important sectors carried out by the Yemeni Company for Engineering and General Contracting to supply all materials of all kinds. It is the second sector of the Yemeni company for engineering and general contracting which comes in maintenance specialization & Operation.

Do not forget the productive sector owned by the company to be an important resource for the implementation of the company's work qualified staff that operate according to the quality policy that planed the management of the Yemeni company that approach rejecting the work of random work experience and the quality of the materials produced works and ambitions meet the desire of the client.

 Technical staff of the company

Everything has a basis and dependable elements in its existence. The system and the professional guidance that our engineering or labor team employs allows them to be the first among the competitors.

We are very proud of having a professional staff with long experience in civil and construction work. The company has a staff of engineers in the field of studies and designs as well as in the field of supervision and implementation of governmental or local projects in addition to the local supply and production sector. This staff with long experience and working according to safety, With a strong output that is in line with the current era.

Quality policy

Quality has a main objective and certain conditions of investigation through which we reach the first goal is the sustainability of work and all this comes through the application of those conditions which are :

The total application of the specifications of the work in terms of the scale and type of materials used and their conformity with international standards and specifications that confirm the necessity of work

The Yemeni company has a quality and control manager who is responsible for implementing and monitoring the quality of materials and work before getting mistakes. This is what distinguishes the company from others

International branches

We look forward to partnering in any Arab or foreign friendly countries in the Arabian Gulf or the dollar and euro areas to be the title and name of the news race

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